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A presentation of the Lifesaving Society

Don't forget your hot-tub when thinking about safety issues

It’s always nice to take a moment to relax in a hot-tub, no matter what season it is. Since safety is primordial around any body of water, these five recommendations should be kept in mind at all times:

1. If your hot-tub’s water capacity exceeds 2,000 litres, you must comply with the Residential Swimming Pool Safety Regulation, to know which standards apply to your installation.

2. Make sure the hot-tub’s cover is safely replaced and secured with a lock after each use.

3. Drink reasonably if you plan on using the hot-tub. The water’s high temperature can intensify the effects of alcohol consumption, impair your abilities or make you drowsy.

4. Because of the water’s high temperature, it is recommended that children under 5 years old, pregnant women and people who suffer from high blood pressure and heart problems avoid going into a hot-tub.

5. Your hot-tub is just like any other body of water; never bathe alone and always keep an eye on children.


  • Shower before going into the hot-tub.
  • Eating and drinking should not be allowed in or near the hot-tub.
  • Avoid going into a hot-tub if you show diarrhea symptoms, if you feel nauseous or if you have skin infections or open wounds.
  • Comply with the maximum number of bathers allowed.

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