A safe pool,
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A presentation of the Lifesaving Society

Make sure your diving board is safe.

Few residential in-ground pools in Quebec are deep enough to permit diving from a diving board. As a result, there have been many serious related injuries. In May 2009, safety standards were introduced to address this issue.

Your pool does not meet the required standards if:

  • At 0.84 metres (2 feet 9 inches) in front of the end of the diving board, it is less than 3.05 metres (10 feet) deep.
  • It measures less than 8 metres (26 feet 3 inches) long from the end of the diving board.
  • It is less than 5 metres (16 feet 5 inches) wide.
  • The upward slope begins less than 4.6 metres (15 feet 1 inch) from the end of the diving board.
  • The degree of slope’s inclination is more than 18 degrees.
  • The side walls are less than 2.5 metres (8 feet 3 inches) from the centre of the diving board.

If the end of the diving board is more than 0.5 metres from the surface of the water or if your diving board measures more than 2.45 metres (8 feet) in length, you must consult the FINA FR5 requirements for competitive diving boards.

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