A safe pool,
a perfect swim

A presentation of the Lifesaving Society

Companies, municipalities, organizations and day-care centers services


This conference targets companies, organizations and municipalities that wish to offer information on how to prevent young children from drowning in a residential pool. The two Perfect Swimming Tour prevention consultants make an interactive presentation that aims to change the audience’s perception regarding risks related to aquatic activities.

Due to COVID-19, this service will not be available for the summer season 2021.

  • Audience: from 6 to 70 people of at least 11 years old
  • Time required: 1h30
  • Topics:
    Presentation on drowning
    Regulation and responsibilities
    Installing a pool and adapting the environment
  • Cost: $300.00 + taxes per group


Knowing that day-care center workers often bring groups of children to aquatic facilities, the Lifesaving Society has developed trainings to ensure children safety.

These custom trainings are adapted to the day-care centers’ needs and particularities. It can focus on residential pool safety for family day care services, and on the safe management of groups of children in an aquatic environment for other day-care services.

Due to COVID-19, this service will not be available for the summer season 2021.


The Lifesaving Society trains safety advisors who can offer audit services at home for residential pool owners in their community. Students, lifeguards and even building inspectors can follow this course.

Candidates learn how to assess residential pool safety and are provided with all tools required to offer an excellent service.

Due to COVID-19, this service will not be available for the summer season 2021.

  • Number of candidates: maximum 10 candidates
  • Time required: 3 hours
  • 1 pretest
  • 2 hour conference-workshop
  • 1 hour of theory on how to assess residential pool safety
  • 1 theoretical examination
  • The Residential Pool Safety Advisor certificate
  • Cost: $427.50 + taxes per group


This service is intended for municipalities who wish to offer prevention kits with each residential pool permit they issue. The Perfect Swimming kits contain a simplified version of the regulation for residential pools, as well as several tools and resources to prevent drowning at home.

  • Valid for one year
  • 200 Perfect Swimming kits and leaflets
  • An expert-consultant is always available to answer questions
  • Presence of a Perfect Swimming kiosk at one of your municipality’s block parties
  • Etc.
  • Cost: $185.95 + taxes