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A presentation of the Lifesaving Society

Use complementary security devices.

Alarm systems and rigid security covers are complementary safety devices. Used alone, they are not enough. Installing a fence to control access to the pool must always be the first security measure you take.

The Lifesaving Society does not, however, make a recommendation for back-up alarm systems. Its primary mission is to encourage people to put in place a safe layout for residential swimming pools and to comply with provincial regulations. However, there is nothing better to preventing drowning than constant and effective supervision of children during water activities.

Alarm systems

Entry alarm system

This system lets out a sound alarm when a child/object falls into or enters the pool. The system detects the changes in the waves in the water caused by the entry.

Factors to consider:

  • The detection system must be sensitive enough to detect entry into the water of a weight of 9.1 kg (20 lb.) or greater. Any system that detects a weight below this number has a tendency to go off without any reason and is eventually abandoned.
  • The system must automatically turn on 10 minutes after a pool has been used. This way, the risk of forgetting to turn it back on is minimized.
  • Batteries must last at least four months to avoid the batteries dying during the season.

Bracelet-style alarm system

This type of alarm system was designed for young children and is composed of an adjustable bracelet with Velcro. When a child enters the water it automatically sends a signal to a base installed near the pool that immediately sounds an alarm. The child must always wear their bracelet since the risk of drowning is always present. The system’s base can receive signals from more than one bracelet at the same time.

Alarm system for gates and fences

This type of alarm system can be installed on all types of materials and sounds when a fence gate or barrier is opened. The system can be used in conjunction with a self-closing gate.

Panel security system for above-ground pools

This system allows managing access to the pool with security panels that are installed around the perimeter of the above-ground pool. The panels swing and sound an alarm if a child tries to climb over the side. The panel alarm system also offers a supervision mode for people who swim alone. For greater security, this system can be linked to a central alarm.

Rigid security covers

Security covers and tarps for pools are complementary security devices since an adult is required to install or remove them. As well as their security aspect, covers offer clear advantages:

  • Their anchoring system is solid and weather resistant
  • They cover the pool during the winter and make closing and opening the pool easier by keeping leaves out in the fall.
  • They are easy to install and more attractive than the usual black pool cover.
  • The majority of these security covers are made from materials that facilitate the circulation of rain rainwater but block the sun, reducing the risk of algae formation.
  • Their long life justifies the investment and most manufacturers offer a 15-year guarantee.

Ask your pool retailer or security accessory supplier to help you make the right choice for your family.

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